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27 August 2009

Hold on to your socks

Next on IMPOSSIBLE TALK: Parapsychologist, Dean Radin.

From Radin's Entangled Minds:

"When you step back from the details of these studies, what you find is a spectacular body of converging evidence indicating that our understanding of time is seriously incomplete. These studies mean that some aspect of our minds can perceive the future. Not infer the future, or anticipate the future, or figure out the future. But actually perceive it.

While you ponder this, hold on to your socks because we're not finished.

So far, the repeatable laboratory evidence suggests that we have the capacity to perceive distant information and to influence distant events, across space and time. This data challenges the assumption that we are isolated creatures, separated in space and time, and it implies that our intentions may not be limited only to own minds and bodies. If all this is true, and if intention and attention are "spread out" in space-time, then the question arises, do individual intentions at times coalesce into group intentions? And if so, what effects might such "group minds" have?"


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