Authors of the Impossible

14 July 2009

And We're Off

Production has begun on AUTHORS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, the film. And now, with this post, blogging has begun, too. The film is an ambitious undertaking, for a number of reasons, but one we're confident will bear fruit, given that it will be based on Jeff Kripal's brilliant forthcoming book of the same name. We've been in the film business long enough to know that in order for a feature documentary to get made, the makers must have a genuine passion for the subject matter. Without such a passion we would not even think about undertaking an endeavor that is likely to dominate our lives for several years or more. Suffice it say, since meeting Jeff last year and encountering his scholarship, our (and particularly my) passion for this material has bordered on obsession. It's not just that we think the ideas in Jeff's book will make for a fascinating film (they will), or that we think there is a substantial audience out there hungry for what the film will have to say (we do). We also think these are ideas that matter.

It's tempting to dive right in here and start enumerating the many captivating stories and ideas that will be presented in AUTHORS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. Instead, I'm going to leave you wanting more; you get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it. In the coming days and months, we will be revealing many of the mind-bending notions that have sprung forth from Jeff's fertile brain. My task, for now, is to merely fire the starting gun.


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